Fairbourne Railway – Beddgelert

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David Curwen and Elaine on loader. David Curwen was renamed to Beddgelert and Elaine was renamed to Russell.



Beddgelert being taken off the loader



Beddgelert (affectionally known as Rambo) was my favourite engine (after Number 24). It was not the most reliable engine and tended to set everything in its path on fire, namely the dunes during hot weather. We were always ready to put out fires along the track once Rambo had been there! It did have a particularly comfortable cab with plenty of space to move around in.



Behind are passengers on the infamous open-air ‘toast racks’ which were renowned for derailing frequently.



Beddgelert pulling away from the Point.






Beddgelert and Yeo at the Passing Loop



Beddgelert and Lilian Walter in the background.



Steve Bell driving Beddgelert.






Beddgelert and Russell at the Point






Beddgelert’s favourite location: the workshop!






Newly-painted Beddgelert in black.



We had an American visitor who just could not pronounce Beddgelert, so he simply called it Bloody Gert!




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