Fairbourne Railway – Historical Photos

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A horse tramway was built to carry materials to the sites



Circa 1900. Before long the tramway was also used to carry passengers to the Barmouth Ferry.



An old timetable with prices of 2 pennies each way on the tram and the ferry.



Horse-drawn 2-foot gauge tramway. Approaching the end of the line at Ferry Station. Circa 1900



Circa 1952. The original Dingo before it was completely rebuilt into a larger loco.



In 1916, the horse tramway was converted to steam. Using miniaturised replicas of mainline locomotives, it became the Fairbourne Miniature Railway, with a gauge of 15 inches.



Prince Edward of Wales by Bassett-Lowke during 1916



All the area behind has since been built up with houses.



Count Louie departing Fairbourne



Prince Edward of Wales



At the main terminus



Ernest W. Twining at Fairbourne, 1963



Count Louis, 1961



Prince Charles with Dingo behind, 1961



The rebuilt Dingo, 1961



Sylvia and Dingo at the Passing Loop, 1961



Count Louis, 1961



Ernest W. Twining at the end of the line at Ferry Station.



Locos at rest in the station building



Ernest W. Twining in the workshop



Sylvia at the Ferry Station, 1961



This is how it looked in the early ’80s


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