Fairbourne Railway – The People (Part 2)

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Lilian entering one of the first-class carriages.



Andrew Merriman to the right. He lost full use of one of his arms during a high-voltage accident whilst working for British Rail.



Colin Jepson in the rear but unsure who the other was.



Sue Madgewick



Sydney and Derek



Mike Messer driving Sydney and Gina’s wedding service



A special journey for Sherpa. 21st October, 1993. Sydney & Gina’s wedding.



Norman Dennstedt sitting in Beddgelert’s cab.



I can’t remember the name of the old gentleman to the left, but he was, if I remember correctly, a Mosquito pilot during WWII. He was incredibly active, tough as nails, had a witty sense of humour and, oh yes, he always enjoyed teasing the ladies!






John, Lilian and Paula Welch at a barbecue



Our favourite ‘puffer-nutter’, collector of railway badges



Spring 1987. Presentation of a bench seat by the Liverpool Daily Post. On the same day, the Chairman of the Prince of Wales Award Committee presented individual certificates to J.W.E., S.E. & John & Steve Milner.



Sydney Ellerton driving a Stanley steamer road car.



The newly-appointed Secretary of State for Wales, David Hunt, visits the railway.



David Hunt sitting in Number 24



A clown we put on during Thomas the Tank Day



Along with the Fat Controller!



Visit from new owners of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, where the original Yeo ran.



Andrew standing to the left



John Whitehouse driving Sherpa near Point



France in the ticket office



John Buckley during guard’s duty.



Sydney loitering around the railway



John floating out the concrete on the sector table extension



Stuart Messer (Mike’s son) and Nigel Markham in the machine shop



Lilian and Sydney in the staff room in the workshop. Perpetual mugs of tea were always on offer.



John and his infamous left-handed 9″ angle-grinder (known to us all as the ‘scuffter’). Most everybody else was terrified of using it. We broke all the rules of health and safety much of the time. Not wearing eye protection and grinding around a tank of acetone (gunwash) is, at best, foolhardy.



Wendy Haycock



John on his proud new creation, the battery-operated Gwril.



Lilian standing in front of Lilian Walter. We were very confused, so we just decided to call Lilian (the person), Diesel, instead. She got used to it!



Lilian used to patrol the dunes looking for rubbish along with her greyhound, Samson. Normally, Sam would be wearing two tied rubbish sacks along its back so Lilian can stash the rubbish into them as she walked along. She once caught Simon Weller doing wheelies or something like that with the old white Ford Granada and he got a bit of a bollicking.



Me driving Lilian Walter for the day but in casual clothes.



John firing up Number 24



Me firing up Russell



Sydney with his new toy, a video camera



Sydney not quite understanding something grabs Colin for advice.



Me with Russell



We called him Bodger! Claire and France can be seen in the background.



Ben and Glen on the ‘Reichsmobile’, Gwril.



John Buckley with his ‘L’ plates as guard



Gideon coupling up 362 to the train.



Mike Messer and I standing either side of Sherpa



Colin, Bodger and Bear sitting on Yeo in the workshop.


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