Fairbourne Railway – The People (Part 3)

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Sydney Ellerton (aka Tetley)



Sydney attending the shop



Wendy, Malcolm, Andrew and Colin in the new shop



Me (completely grimed up) along with Andrew, Sydney and Malcolm. I can’t remember who the woman was.



Sydney in the shop



Sydney, Andrew, Colin and Mike in the workshop



Sydney having a ‘go’ on Sherpa



Me driving Sherpa



Me with a bandaged hand. Can’t remember why though.






Mike Messer and Colin Jepson






Sydney’s then wife, Gina









Sydney in the observation carriage






Gina on Gwril



Mike Messer with Sherpa



Joe’s black labrador dog, Penny



Andrew being given a ride on Lilian Walter



Me with Sherpa whilst being filled up with water.



Mike Messer with Yeo



Mike Messer on the big milling machine



From left to right: Me, Rob Marton’s brother, Rob Marton, Nigel Robinson, Andrew Merriman and two other volunteers.



The Marton brothers, me with the two flags and Nigel cleaning the windows



Nigel and Rob are two of my university friends who I still keep in contact with today.



Me driving Sherpa



Nigel and Andrew enjoying mugs of tea



Time for some fish and chips!



Nigel’s response to something I said



Andrew sitting on Lilian Walter



Gina and I sitting in Sherpa



Nigel looking out the window



Colin and I exchanging tokens at the passing loop






Mike Messer on Yeo












Taken from inside Lilian Walter’s cab.



Malcolm’s favourite engine, Yeo



Sydney and Andrew making sure everyone’s on board safe and sound.



The end-of-the-day watering hole, The Springfield Hotel. Pictured from left to right is Fiona Pritchard, Steve Milner, John, France and Paxo. Paxo had a bus licence so he drove the vintage bus for awhile.





Reinelle makes fantastic Breton crêpes.



Colin and Bodger at the Fairbourne Hotel enjoying a curry and a beer.



For part of a season, we had a horse-drawn tramway to commemorate the centenary of the Fairbourne Tramway. Not as easy as you think, driving a horse-drawn tram on rails.



Fiona cutting cake at the staff party at the Point.


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