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This is Elaine who was then converted to Russell. Personally, I found Elaine a more attractive engine than after it was converted. The cab in Elaine was, however, extremely cramped and impractical.



Elaine, it was decided, was not a good enough half-size reproduction of a Leek & Manifold loco, and its cramped cab exposed the driver to undue danger. It was converted to a half-size Russell, a N.W.N.G.R. Hunslet loco.



Russell rounding Penrhyn Road crossing.






Russell was not entirely reliable and spent many a moment in the workshop alongside its equally unreliable partner, Beddgelert.



Simon Weller sitting in the cab of Russell.



The ‘rent-a-family’ brought along by Tourist Board photographers.









Russell pulling away from Fairbourne Station.



Me firing up Russell for another day of duty!









The best part of steam engine driving is that you’re every child’s hero for the day.


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