Fairbourne Railway – The New Railway Terminus

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The new ticket building and shop. Gorsaf Newydd simply translates to New Station.


Completed station with vintage vitreous advertising signs



Pile of coal and the useless gantry



An old-style telephone box without the telephone



New signal box complete with hydraulic signalling system






Professor Panic on stage with his Punch & Judy show



An empty station. Could be first thing in the morning… or a Saturday!



Boxcars on the siding next to the road



Looking towards the workshop from the engine shed looking at 362



Sharp corner to the right leading to the carriage shed. Many locos struggled to negotiate this corner except Sherpa.



A busy platform. Probably a Sunday!



Lilian Walter poking her nose out of the engine shed. This used to be the tunnel that continued past towards the main line until it was terminated and simply used as another engine shed.



The station canopy is an attractive feature of the station but it required a lot of maintenance to keep clean.



The disabled carriage used to accommodate wheelchairs.



The completed carriage shed complete with 6-way turnout. The additional four tracks to the right were accessed by a bit of flexible track which was manhandled in place to connect to the one of the four tracks. These four were infrequently used.









Up towards the top of the photo, one can make out a quarry in the hillside. This is where the Blue Lake lies.



Fire buckets filled with water. Sometimes abused for dousing each other!






Another wet day



One of many school outings on the train



A busy train is a good train!









The sign with an idle threat: “TO THE ENGINE SHEDS: Ticket holders are cordially invited to visit the engine sheds, those not holding tickets will be charged single second class fare”



The very sharp corner and diamond-crossing. Carriages would scrape quite close to the corner of the workshop near to where the brown acetylene tank is shown.



Carriages would come even nearer to the corner of the bedroom of the volunteers living quarters!


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