North Korea – Inside the Hermit Country

September 2003. By far the most unusual and interesting travel experience I have ever had! I was intrigued a long time ago when I first heard a reporter on BBC Radio 4 describing this quiet city packed with amazing monuments and almost non-existent traffic.

It was a privilege to get to travel inside this country and I express my thanks for those in the London DPRK embassy who arranged the visa for me.

I claim to have taken the photos in this article; however, some of the pictures may have been taken by some of the others in our group as we exchanged each other’s photos and, unfortunately, some of each other’s photos may have got mixed in. If so, please post a message on the Contact form to claim credit.


Click here for Part  1

  • Train from Beijing to Dandong
  • Yanggakdo Hotel
  • Kim Il Sung Monument
  • Tower of the Juche Idea

Click here for Part 2

  • Workers Party Monument
  • Mt Myohyang Retreat in the Mountains
  • Triumph Arch
  • Ryugyong Hotel
  • Tapestry Museum
  • Tomb of Tongmyong
  • Road to Kaesong
  • The DMZ

Click here for Part 3

  • Kaesong Folk Hotel
  • In Kaesong
  • Reunification Monument
  • Traffic Wardens
  • At the Bookstore
  • USS Pueblo
  • Dining on the River Taedong
  • War Museum
  • School Visit

Click here for Part 4

  • Kim Il Sung Square
  • Martyr’s Cemetery
  • Chollima Road
  • Mangyondae ‘Birthplace’ of Kim Il Sung
  • Pyongyang Amusement Theme Park

Click here for Part 5

  • Central Railway Station
  • Pyongyang Shopping
  • Military Circus
  • Fireworks
  • Last Evening at Hotel
  • Pyongyang Metro
  • May Day Stadium
  • Moranbong Park
  • Pyongyang International Airport
  • Propaganda Posters
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