From Burra to Broken Hill


->     Mintaro, Burra and Terowie
->     Broken Hill
->     Daydream Mine and Silverton

June 2008. Whilst in secondment in Adelaide, I took a long weekend drive up to Broken Hill via Burra and then returning back to Adelaide via Mildura. It was fairly cold during the trip as it was during winter and it rained much of the time in Broken Hill.

Starting from Adelaide, I drove up through the Clare Valley stopping at the historical town of Mintaro. Then continuing on stopping for lunch at the copper mining town of Burra. Going towards Broken Hill, I stopped at the old railhead town of Terowie, a rather sad dilapidated town with a very odd little museum.

I arrived at Broken Hill where I stayed a couple of days during which, I visited the historic town of Silverton (famous for many film and advert shoots) and the disused Daydream Mine halfway between Silverton and Broken Hill.

Returning back to Adelaide, I went south towards Mildura stopping at Wentworth, where the Darling and Murray Rivers converge.


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