Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas


->     Yorke Peninsula
->     Eyre Peninsula
->     Whalers Way & Coffin Bay
->     Port Augusta & Port Pirie

During a long Anzac weekend, I drove a good 1,800 miles around the Yorke and Eyre Peninsulas from Adelaide. Yorke Peninsula is home to Innes National Park and Eyre Peninsula is home to Lincoln and Coffin Bay National Parks.

The peninsulas have a variety of amazing scenic areas with spectacular coastline and dazzling colours. It does have a very remote feel and one can feel quite isolated and disconnected especially if one travels alone out here.

The pictures were taken during a cold and windy spell, hence the forbidding water around the peninsula. The dune shots were taken in Coffin Bay National Park and were truly spectacular to behold.


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